Portfolio Category: Special Applications

Sun Protection Gratings

Sun protection gratings are used as floorings, ceiling suspensions, facades and cladding element. Due to the diagonally pressed-in cross bars, a certain degree of opacity is achieved. In addition, this grating can also serve as a sun protection, The effect of the sun protection depends on the height of the bearing bars running parallel with…
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Barefoot Gratings

Barefoot Gratings Marinas, sports facilities or boat and canoe jetties ...¬†Landing stage¬†gratings are the best flooring for such systems and at the same time enhance each construction project with the unique appearance. Instead of cross bars, rounded brackets 20 x 10 x 2 mm are pressed into the bearing bars so that trouble-free walking is…
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Spiral Staircases

Spiral Staircases Lichtgitter has developed three systems for spiral staircases; "LG Special" "LG Standard" and "LG Express". These stairs are functionally safe, reliable and suitable for many purposes. "LG Special" The stair type LG special is made up to a diameter of 3000mm. The footplate can be designed either with different gratings, perforated metal planks…
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