• GRP Treads

    GRP Treads

    GRP Stair Treads GRP stair treads are supplied with a closed, yellow gritted nosing in widths 617 mm, 807 mm,…

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  • Pressed In Treads

    Pressed In Treads

    Pressed in Treads Pressed in stair treads are available in all mesh sizes and depths to suit loading requirements and…

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  • Nosings


    Stair & Tread Nosings Octopus Nosing Lichtgitter standard nosing is used for all locations where an anti-slip nosing is required.…

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  • Forge Welded Stair Treads

    Forge Welded Stair Treads

    Forge Welded Stair treads Lichtgitter Forge Welded stairtreads are available as shown with end plate and stair-nosing already welded to…

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  • Ladder Treads

    Ladder Treads

    Ladder Treads Lichtgitter ladder treads, used as a tread welded between flat or tubular stringers. Can be welded to existing…

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  • Plank Treads

    Plank Treads

    BN-OP5 with Special Visible Nosing Treads. These are public access compliant as the nosing allows the visually impaired to establish…

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  • Spiral Staircases

    Spiral Staircases

    Spiral Staircases Lichtgitter has developed three systems for spiral staircases; "LG Special" "LG Standard" and "LG Express". These stairs are…

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