Pressed In Gratings

Pressed in Gratings

Pressed In gratings can be used for a wide range of applications on industrial projects and are especially suited to architectural developments. From walkways and platforms to sun shading and facades, Pressed In gratings are an extremely versatile product.

Predominantly used in pedestrian areas, Pressed In gratings can also be supplied to suit

  • Heavy duty vehicle applications
  • Serrated for areas where oil and grease can create particularly slippery conditions
  • Heel proof for public pedestrian areas
  • Storage & shelving solutions
  • Louvers & Sun-shade

Material is available in Mild Steel, Stainless steel Grade 304/316 and Aluminium.

Please select one of our options below for further details on our various gratings. These are by no mean exhaustive lists as our flexible manufacturing set up allows us to produce almost infinite variations and possibilities. Please contact our sales office for further information.