Stair & Tread Nosings

Octopus Nosing

Lichtgitter standard nosing is used for all locations where an anti-slip nosing is required. This nosing will be fitted as standard unless specified otherwise. Available in standard stock length of 6 metres or 1000mm lengths

Pyramid Nosing

Welded to all stair-treads as an alternative to the above. Good anti-slip properties. Available in stock lengths of 6 metres or 1000mm lengths

Chequer-Plate Nosing

Traditional nosing/sight bar available to Lichtgitter treads. Available in 1000mm lengths

Ladder Treads

Lichtgitter ladder treads, used as a tread welded between flat or tubular stringers.

Can be welded to existing ladders over solid round rungs to improve slip resistance
For a wide variety of applications Lichtgitter offers special ladder rungs to guarantee
safe climbing of ladders.

The special profiling of the ladder rungs achieves a high slip resistance. The ladder
rungs can be supplied in steel, stainless steel and aluminium.